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Welcome to the VCC fan club section. Here you can start your very own fan club. In order to create one all you have to do is create a topic, however it'll cost you 100VCCash. Read the rules to understand how it all works.

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Forum rules
How to and rules

VCC Fan Clubs

  • To create a fan club it's pretty simple, all you will need to do is creating a new thread. You will automatically be charged 100VCCash automatically.
  • The content for the fan club it's entirely up to you, as long as it follows our standard forum rules
  • You are welcome to create your own banner and graphics or ask a staff member of the Creative Zone for help, just create a topic there called:

    Code: Select all

    [Fan club help] NAME_OF_THE_FAN_CLUB_HERE
  • To join a pre-existing fan club all you have to do is leave a post with your application and the fan club owner will update the first post with your name in it.
  • You can be members to as many fan clubs as you wish, however we invite you to follow the rules the Fan Club owner will provide
  • Posts will be hidden until you reply to the fan club with your first message, please make sure your first reply is your application to the club, as you'll automatically join it.
This is all for now, there will be new updates soon to make this section a whole lot better.

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