Pain vs Shichibukai

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This fight is like 5 years old now, and outlines a fight between the original Shichibukai (Moria, Crocodile, Doflamingo, Mihawk, Kuma, Hancock and Jimbei) and 6 Paths of Pain. I also didn't really bother with a consistent way of identifying the Pains, I just used what I think everyone does (Tendo and then the others lol). This fight takes place in the Corrida Colosseum, and was written before we learnt about Doflamingo's Awakening.

Last point before we start: Pain knows nothing about the Shichibukai, and they know nothing about Pain, and both have every reason to believe that they should be bound to the standard rules that exist in their original worlds (e.g. DF powers are probably Jutsu to a Ninja, and a Jutsu looks like a DF power to a Pirate).


Kuma is first to move. He teleports to Tendo Pain, his hand in the air ready to land a Pad Cannon, but Pain reacts too quickly releasing an “ALMIGHTY PUSH” without so much as looking at his opponent. Kuma is sent flying across the Colosseum and lands on the other side, critical cyborg components in his chest short-circuiting and leaving him incapacitated for a few moments while he attempts to control the situation in his body.
<Analysis 1>
Despite the ease in which Tendo defeated Kuma in their first encounter, Pain notes his incredible speed and decides to quickly lay a strong hand on the table, assuming all his other enemies are of similar strength. To hold back is to risk defeat, however both sides are entirely aware that they do not know the extent of their opponent’s strengths and abilities, so caution and evaluation are the goal of the first few skirmishes.

“Summoning Jutsu”.
The summoning Pain calls upon the charmeleon to camouflage the Resurrection Pain, soul-sucking Pain, and Summoning Pain, and the 6 Shichibukai standing stand and watch, only showing disappointment when they realise they no longer have vision of half their enemy. The chameleon then scurries around the Colosseum, leaving a safe distance between the enemies and themselves. Throughout the fights, they are constantly avoiding imminent dangers.

<Analysis 2>
The Shichibukai, despite having some more reckless members among them, are caught by surprise upon hearing the word ‘jutsu’, being a new word to all of them. They are unsure how to proceed since they do not know what this ‘jutsu’ is, and they are not encouraged when it seems to call on a large reptile which rather creepily has the same unusual eyes as their opponents. They overestimate the charmeleon, and only after they see the Pains disappear realise the true purpose of the summoned monster.

Doflamingo strikes next from a distance, throwing a razor net over the three visible Pains (Tendo, Cyborg, ninjutsu-absorbing), however before it lands, the Shichibukai again witness an “Almighty Push” while the net is blown away above the stands. Mihawk throws a weaker slash the Cyborg’s way, and without Haki it fails to cut his steel body. “Mero Mero Mellow!” Hoping for a miracle more than anything else, Hancock is still quite disappointed when none of her emotionless enemies are not attracted to her.

<Analysis 3>
Three Warlords make their move, fleshing out their enemy from a distance lest they go the same way as Kuma, who the invisible Pains have been watching. All moves are repelled, however it is Crocodile who notices the passiveness of the Ninjutsu-absorbing Pain. Hancock makes a harmless attempt to turn her enemies to stone, and her disappointed expression at its failure tells the Pains that this attack failed and was no trap. Doflamingo tries a wide-scale assault on the enemies in front of him, simply hoping for a quick finish, but it is not quite as easy as he hoped. Tendo has his reflexes honed too well for such things to work. Mihawk judged that the Cyborg Pain seemed to be slower than average, and decided to examine his strength with a rapid slash of his sword which flew through the air towards him. It looked to Pain to be a Wind-Style jutsu, and he had seen nothing of the like before, however he quickly judged it was much too fast for the Cyborg to dodge, so he gambles successfully that it will be as harmless as it seems. Pain notes, however, that his enemies are now wary of the Cyborg’s defence capabilities, so he dismisses any hope of surprising them with his metal body.

Crocodile moves! His sand streaks across the Colosseum directly towards the ninjutsu absorber. He stands, to the surprise of the Shichibukai, directly in its path rather than dodge it, and holds his hands directly in front of him. The line of sand saws through him like butter and leaves him in halves, leaving a deep indentation in the floor of the path the sand took. The Summoning Pain quickly summons its re-creating dog and orders it to go on a rampage. While Jimbei sends a shockwave through it, the chameleon scurries over to collect the pieces of the ninjutsu absorber. The dog keels over, however to the Shichibukai’s dismay splits in two and gets up again. While the ninjutsu-absorbing Pain gets revived again, Mihawk, Doflamingo and Hancock immediately look suddenly around. They feel the sinister presence of the resurrection creature, and are alert to any movement it makes with Observation Haki. They attempt not to give away that fact that they can feel the invisible Pains’ presence in order to keep it as a surprise.
Spoiler: Analysis 4
Crocodile acts on his suspicions, letting loose a deadly attack the Absorber’s way. He notes that his quarry reacts in time to dodge the attack, but deliberately stands in its way with his hands ready to almost catch the attack. When the Absorber gets decapitated for his efforts, all the Warlords cannot help but be in confusion as to what Pain’s plan was. Their emotionless faces give nothing away, and they do not so much as flinch upon seeing a sixth of their number sawn in half. On the other hand, despite losing the Absorber, Pain knows he is more than capable of reviving him, but more than that knows that it is not at all safe to assume that their opponent’s attacks, despite looking similar to what they had seen before (Gaara), are forms of ninjutsu. This means that the Absorber has become essentially useless save for bait by this point, but he doesn’t want to give away this weakness. Instead, he begins looking for ways to capitalise on his new role as bait. To distract the Shichibukai while the Absorber is recovered, Pain plays his most distracting hand, which is among the most dangerous in his repertoire – the splitting dog. Pain knew of no-one capable of defeating this creature. All other opponents needed to deal with the Summoning Pain to make it disappear, and he was willing to bank on the Warlords not knowing about that weakness. Pain watches the fireworks happen while he prepares to back up his dog pending the recovery of the Absorber Pain. The goal at this stage is to demoralise the enemies by bringing him back into play and creating the illusion of invincibility. The Warlords now are very much on the defensive, and feel the resurrection monster as the Resurrection Pain uses it to revive the Absorber.

The Cyborg Pain lets loose a barrage of missiles towards the Shichibukai, putting Hancock, Jimbei and Moria off very much. Jimbei jumps into the surrounding water and Moria and Hancock recover quickly. The Doppelman materialises directly behind the Cyborg, and Doflamingo and Mihawk take on Tendo while Hancock monitors the invisible Pains. Crocodile is stuck attempting to ward off the recreating dogs, however becomes more and more demoralised as his work continues to bear nothing but more. Despite being a blind-spot attack, the Cyborg dodges each and every one of the Doppelman’s attacks, sending further barrages of missiles aimed straight for Moria. Moria lowers the Doppelman in order to dodge them, and hardly manages to survive. Noticing his trouble, Hancock runs towards the Cyborg, turning his next volley of missiles into stone with her Slave Arrow. The Cyborg decides to surprise her when she gets into melee range, and takes his cloak off, revealing his final form. He extends his saw at the very last moment, aiming straight at her. Hancock’s Observation Haki informed her of the danger and she quickly jumped out of the way, about to kick his head into stone. The Pains react with lightning speed to this danger, and the Absorber Pain discovers his secret was nearing the time of its exposure. Rather than charge for Hancock, the Absorber goes for Doflamingo and Mihawk, who are closer to the invisible party. The pair had just dealt with another of the dog’s forms and watched in dismay as it yet again split into two, leaving very little room in the Colosseum to move. They prepare to strike Tendo while the dog is temporarily down, however to their dismay the Pain which was sawn in half appears before their very eyes! Hancock has just touched the ground after dodging the saw, and is preparing to jump back in order strike. The moment she jumps back, however, Tendo moves with a ‘Universal Pull!’

Hancock is the first to fall, being impaled entirely on the Cyborg’s saw after she is pulled into it with Pain’s jutsu. Her body falls into the surrounding waters. Jimbei instructs the Little Fighting Fish to keep it safe, and they swim away with it while he opts for his own surprise attack in his element, shooting a water spear at the newly restored Absorber Pain. He is blown away into the wall, leaving the chameleon again to collect his body. Doflamingo and Mihawk notice the party heading towards the body, however find this task too difficult dealing with a recreating dog failing to yield in its relentless assault. Out of pure frustration they each behead three dogs in each in one stroke, and when they look up at their handiwork, they no longer see any dogs. At all. They see a sweaty Crocodile looking extremely relieved, and relief is evident on their own faces. The Colosseum again has room to breathe.

“Reboot Complete”…

The Shichibukai, although still feeling rather hopeless with the realisation that their enemies seem to be unkillable, have received new confidence in Kuma’s return to the fight closely followed by the defeat of some of the most annoying summonings on the field. They decide it is time to strike at their maximum capacity, and the three strongest members begin an all-out assault. The Absorber Pain again by this time has been recovered and restored, and the Pains seek to carry out their own offensive, however are sorely unprepared for what the swords, Strings, and Paws men have in mind.

Kuma sends a Pad Cannon directly at the head of the invisible chameleon. It strikes through its head and the Summoning, Reviving, Absorbing, and Soul-Sucking Pains are unceremoniously forced from its returning body to the open view of the battle field. Doflamingo releases another razor-edged net towards them, and the giant rhino is summoned to defend themselves from it. It penetrates directly through the monsters tough hide, however loses its momentum as it comes out the other side after ripping the monster to shreds. The monster still manages to return in a large puff of smoke, and Mihawk, without missing a beat, sends a full-power slash their way. As they began their attack, Crocodile, Moria and Jimbei launched simultaneous attacks against the Cyborg and Tendo Pains. Yet more missiles were sent Moria’s way, however this time he was prepared and switched places with a Doppelman that was erected right behind the Cyborg. He gives his classical laugh and snatches up his shadow, ready to perform the snip that severs the connection between man and shadow. He is extremely disappointed, however, upon discovering that absolutely nothing happens as a result from the snip, and his shadow dissipated in his very hands (this being a result from all the Pains being corpses). “And now, you shall know pain…..”.

The Cyborg’s saw is retracted and extended behind him, piercing the shocked Moria straight through the stomach. This is swiftly followed by a barrage of missiles at point-blank range, removing Moria from the battle. Tendo rather easily blasts Jimbei and Crocodile with an Almighty Push, and this is particularly detrimental to Crocodile, as he assumed that changing to sand would make him immune to the attack, instantly regretting his decision when he realised that sand was much more likely to be thrown extremely far, and certain parts of him are thrown even beyond the Colosseum. Jimbei, having jumped out of the water, is simply thrown back into the water without taking too much damage.

It is the point of Moria’s injury when Mihawk had sent his slash towards the four other Pains. Being of one mind, Pain executed yet another masterful technique. Being already aware that their attacks were not ninjutsu, he did not get the Absorber to embarrass himself again, but instead Summoned Tendo Pain into their midst! Tendo blew his attack away, and exerted quite a bit of strength to make sure that the three attackers were also blown awa. Knowing full well that the Revival Pain was crucial to their unchallenged defeat, Pain opts for another strategy – the sky. He summons his bird and sets the Resurrection Pain atop it. It sets out to fly at the level of the lowest clouds, and Pain leaves it inactive until he deems he should require its services.

Two of the Shichibukai are now defeated, and Pain has suffered little casualties.

Kuma decides yet again to attempt to send a Pain flying, and in too little time for Tendo’s attack to recharge. They watch emotionlessly while the Absorber is sent far away not resisting in the least. Unlike the dog, the Pains do not feel pain, and the Shichibukai were unaware of the fact that he could simply be re-summoned. Doflamingo and Mihawk unleash devastating attacks at the Cyborg, who is also summoned just in time to dodge Mihawk’s melee strike and Doflamingo’s string snipe. He retracts his saw again. Pain now resorts to using the Cyborg to propel Tendo in the midst of the enemies, and the O-Haki warns them of the impending danger. Tendo is intercepted by Mihawk’s blade, but this is returned with Pain’s “ALMIGHTY PUSH!”. Doflamingo and Mihawk are thrown into the waters surrounding the Colosseum, and both sustain heavy damage as they hit the wall before falling into the water. Jimbei rushes to save Doflamingo, and he returns him onto the field to recover. Crocodile is about 60% finished recovering all his sand-parts, and is recovering in the commentator’s stand away from Pain’s eyes. Mihawk brushes his wounds off and returns to the surface with the help of his sword.

Kuma, however…… “Impossible…. This guy… He withstood the Almighty Push!” Countering the force of the blast with his incredible speed, Kuma used his metal body to survive the colliding forces of his own propulsion and the Almighty Push. Taking less than instant to re-adjust, he teleports to the soul-sucking Pain.

His nigh-fatal mistake. His paws are moments from touching him when the Pain grabs his shirt and begins sucking his soul out from his body. Kuma doesn’t move for fear of losing his drive (Note that I am perfectly aware that Kuma no longer has a personality that is his own. While you could argue this means he has no soul, I believe that by having a modified brain instead of being made entirely robotic means that he still functions as a normal person with no will of his own. His brain powers his body, and he processes things as we do, but he can no longer think of himself at all), as sending him flying would send his soul flying as well. He cannot fear, however is aware of his imminent death until Mihawk sends a mighty slash this Pain’s way forcing him to break contact and retreat. Kuma prepares a laser strike against the Soul-Sucker, but Pain has yet another strategy in place. This time it is the centipede that is summoned. It takes the laser without too much of a fuss and charges Kuma.

Meanwhile Tendo attacks Mihawk, and he is thrown into the air and slammed back down again (as with Hinata). In this exchange, he loses his sword, and Tendo pulls him in to be impaled on his black rod (in much the same way as the Leaf patrol Ninja). Mihawk shows no fear, and right before the moment of contact arms his belly with his Armament Coating, shattering the black rod to the surprise of Tendo. He then throws an incredible punch that sends a shocked Tendo to the edge of the arena. He sees Jimbei moving around the Colosseum’s water, after finishing helping Doflamingo recover from his paralysis. He changes the strategy again. He decides wipe out all his enemies in a single blow. He begins to fly upwards slowly, and the Cyborg propels the Summoner to the height of the bird before summoning all the other Pains, leaving Tendo to fly with the cover of the Cyborg’s missiles. As each Pain safely makes it onto the bird’s back, Kuma defeats the centipede. Crocodile, Doflamingo, Kuma, Jimbei and Mihawk (who had just retrieved his sword) each are ready at the same moment. Each of them throws an attack. Doflamingo shoots his fastest barrage of bullet-like strings, Kuma his Pad Cannon, Mihawk is mighty slash, Crocodile another Desert la Spada, and Jimbei his strongest Water Shot.

“ALMIGHTYYY PUUSH!”. None of the attacks makes it in time. A wave of pure force with similar energy that destroyed Konoha is let loose (on a much smaller scale), annihilating the Colosseum and everything underneath Tendo. The Colosseum is reduced to a pile of rubble. Two more members of the Shichibukai are defeated.

Jimbei is let off rather easily in comparison to his comrades. He simply swims ever deeper and avoids rubble as it falls down from above. Doflamingo survives by coating himself in his strongest Armament and again using Jimbei’s help to avoid drowning in the seawater. Kuma reacts just in time and manages to teleport out range. The platform Crocodile was recovering on is directly beneath the water, and he falls straight in without any time to think. He is defeated for the remainder of the battle. Mihawk too coats himself in Armament, but he is unable to fully withstand the shockwave and hits his head extremely hard on the surface of the arena, which shatters at the contact. He is currently unconscious floating among the rubble.

Doflamingo is battered, but still capable of combat. Kuma and Jimbei are essentially unscathed. Pain had unleashed his full power, invalidating Tendo while he recharges. More than half of their enemies have been defeated, but Pain’s strongest offensive has been consumed. Pain is now on the defensive.

Pain attempts to exploit his altitude advantage as much as possible, and sends a barrage of missiles down to the towering figure of Kuma, visible among the rubble standing atop debris. Kuma’s paws repel the missiles without impact, and he sends a Pad Cannon straight for the bird. It dodges – barely, so Kuma sends a couple more. At the fourth, the bird is clipped in the wings, and is sent spiralling down to the ground. Pain abandons ship. The Giant Panda is summoned to take their fall, however Doflamingo decides to finely net the area above the Colosseum’s remains to make them all sliced cubes. He is satisfied with a job well done, and imbues all the strings with his strongest Haki. Pain, however, still has the same tricks up his sleeve.

The Cyborg propels the Summoning Pain away at a lowered angle so as to deny his enemies the chance of a similar attack, and he summons them a couple of metres above the ground away from the sky net. The place where the three Shichibukai are have been covered in a full semi-circle of strings, creating a barrier that is hard to break through known as the Birdcage. The Cyborg attempts to send another missile barrage their way through the gaps, but Kuma repels them all so that they explode on the strings. The Shichibukai all agree that they do not want their enemies in melee range again, however are extremely wary of Tendo who they do not know is temporarily out of commission. A more reckless strategy by Pain is incorporated.

A form of psychological assault is incorporated. The Cyborg, to the surprise and horror of the Shichibukai, throws the Summoning into the net at the lowest and safest point where the gaps between the strings are largest. There is still very little chance of Pain making it unscathed, but he is counting on this. He twists his body so that his arms will fit, his body perpendicular to the ground. He emerges from the other side of the Birdcage a gruesome sight, with a cut-off nose, and pieces of skin missing from his stomach and backside where he did not perfectly fit between the gap. He is, however, still conscious, and Summons each and every Pain save for Tendo to the fight. Tendo sits on the ground and closes his eyes to focus his chakra and restore his fighting form. Estimates one minute recovery while he is focused in such manner.

The five Pains now begin to take on the three Shichbukai. The Cyborg attacks Doflamingo with more missiles, and the Absorber goes on essentially a suicide march to strike Kuma while the Summoner is restored. The restoration is over briefly, and the Absorber for the third time is defeated with a Pad Cannon to his chest.

The summoner calls in his giant crustacean. It spews foam all over the water’s surface, and removes quite a number of platforms from play, leaving only the largest chunks of debris visible above the surface. This forces Jimbei to lose his territorial advantage and return to the land. Doflamingo, lacking the energy to continue dodging all the missiles, has hardened himself with A-Haki and sent his own counter-attack of strings to pester the Cyborg. Pain, noticing his degraded mobility, opts to finish the job. The crustacean throws a fume of foam at Kuma, which is easily dodged, however it continues tracking him with its spray. These bought seconds are crucial, and in them, Pain switches his attacks on Doflamingo to something more efficient. The Cyborg grabs hold of the Soul-Sucker, and throws him at Doflamingo. Thinking he needs only kill the Soul-Sucker, and not wanting to dodge for fear of triggering his injuries, Doflamingo shoots three rapid strings which pierce either shoulder and his mouth and come out the other side of his body. This, however, fails to kill the Pain which could not feel the attacks, and he rips his soul from his body as he flies past into the water. Another Shichibukai down, and the Birdcage disappears. It is now Jimbei and Kuma against 5 Pains. Kuma has by now worked out that the Summoning Pain is key to Pain’s strategies, so he teleports to him and sends him flying. Tendo opens his eyes.

Kuma does not notice the small black ball that hovers in the air tens of metres above him.

Each Pain smiles.

Kuma only has time enough to attack once more before he’s caught in the gravitational pull of the Planetary Devastation. He sends the Cyborg, another of the Pains he considers a nuisance, flying the same direction as the Summoning Pain. The Resurrection and Soul-Sucker are the only Pain left standing that Kuma can see, however he senses Tendo afar off. He is prepared to make a move against the Resurrection Pain, still unaware of its abilities, when he sees debris flying out from underneath the foamy surface and meeting at a point in the sky. All too quickly, he notices the platform he is standing on also starting to rise, and he teleports to the safety of the boundary of the Colosseum’s remains which is free of water. The summoning Pain calls all the Pains save Tendo, as well as Konan to the place where he was positioned in mid-air far away, and they fall out of the Paw’s protection to the floor hundreds of metres below, where Konan saves them from the fall with her paper, declaring them officially out of the fight. The moment Kuma saw the Pains disappear, he believed he had won save for Tendo. Then the ground beneath his feet gave way, and a chunk of stone 5 metres wide and 2 metres deep joined the slowly accumulating pile of rocks, debris, and water that was meeting in the sky. Feeling incapable of resisting the gravity further, he teleports a short distance away and creates his largest Paw mass in his hands, and begins compressing it, with the incorrect assumption that anything weaker sent Tendo’s way would be repelled with ease.

Jimbei, meanwhile, is caught by the attack trying to run away, feeling horribly disappointed when the platform he is standing on is forced upwards, and the body of water he finds beneath him is also caught with a strength strong enough to carry Jimbei himself. He is eventually crushed by the pressure.

It takes 30 seconds for Kuma to charge up Ursus Shock entirely. By 16 seconds, the gravitational pull has reached where he is standing again. By 20, it is starting to pull him up, however he refuses to lose concentration as he flies through the air. He is accelerating through the sky for 8 seconds. He releases the Ursus Shock and is swiftly sandwiched by an incredibly huge mass of stone, trapping him and preventing mobility.

The Ursus Shock flies through the air a total distance of 50 metres to where Tendo is standing. He watches its arrival with curious caution, however refuses to yield his grip on the Planetary Devastation. It detonates 10 metres away from him, creating a massive explosion that engulfs the entire area, sending Tendo flying away and forcing him to lose his grip on the humongous sphere that is now in the sky, instantly defeating him. Kuma loses consciousness and is nearly 10 metres deep in the sphere of rock and water, and the explosion, which strikes the Planetary Devastation also, blows all his cover away. Kuma falls into the water body (which has lost quite a bit of its water level due to the Planetary Devastation) directly below the Colosseum, closely followed a tremendous number of rock and water which comes crashing on top of him. He is paralysed by the seawater, and does not regain consciousness while he drowns.

The final status of each character is as follows – Doflamingo, Jimbei, Mihawk, Crocodile, Kuma and Moria have all been declared deceased.

· Doflamingo died as a result of his soul being removed from his body

· Hancock was the only survivor of the Warlords as the Fighting Fish carried her to safety.

· Crocodile died by suffocation in the sea water, and was then crushed in fully human form by the Planetary Devastation.

· Jimbei died from being crushed in the Planetary Devastation

· Kuma died from suffocation while unconscious in sea water.

· Moria died from severe stab wounds and being crushed by Planetary Devastation.

· Mihawk died from being unable to defend against the Planetary Devastation.

Each of the Pains, upon the Summoning Pain landing, was restored by the Resurrection Pain.

Kuma was the last conscious fighter of the battle still within fighting range and regulations. The five Pains were disqualified when Konan gave them aid, as she is not Pain. Tendo’s body was rendered unusable as a result of the Ursus Shock shortly before Kuma’s death. I believe this means that theoretically the Warlords were victorious in my version, however the Pains suffered very little losses in comparison to the six dead Warlords.

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