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A place for general One Piece discussions, like "who's your favourite character?", or "why is Zoro the perfect vice captain?"

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Do you have a One Piece fanfiction that you'd like to share? Then this is the place!


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*slides right on in*

Changing Fate: In another lifetime, Kozuki Oden asks for help.

(Or, Roger helps Oden with Kaido and Orochi)

Let the Wine of Friendship Never Run Dry: When news from Wano finally reaches the Moby Dick, it's the last thing any of them wanted to hear.

Sunrise: When the Whitebeard Pirates split, Izo finds himself running a dance school on a peaceful little island, but still, he yearns for his homeland of Wano.

Still, something makes him uneasy when Nekomamushi shows up unannounced.

The Radiance of Dawn: The war for Wano is over, and now the Kozuki siblings must rebuild. ... s/59826325

CROSSOVER: Uncharted Waters
The worlds "Earth" and "Eturn" used to be united, until a mysterious force ripped them apart eight-hundred years ago. Now, the Veil between worlds is starting to crack, just as the Shadow Games return to Earth. Reika Muto, an undercover operative in Eturn and owner of the Millennium Bracelet, is caught between two worlds. ... s/75783965

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Holy crap...I can't even lie that I must have just been crazy backlogged trying to catch up with notifications that I just missed this for almost two months...

Hopefully I eventually get to check out some of the links!

Back to the blind Oda faith (until the next B.S. of course).
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Finally replying to this thread that I wanted to post in as soon as it was made! Though I don’t know where most of the fanfics are that I read before… gonna try to make a list

Cute One Shot KataLu

Outbreak AU Modern world, read the tags… it was much funnier than it sounds. I laughed SO MUCH.

Burn Twice as Bright Reading this one now. General, no romance looks good, ASL kind of time travel/alt story. I’m digging it.

Since I’m reading, I don’t want this post to reset while I read, so I’ll just hit submit now. ^_^

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