One Piece Episode 973: Boiled to Death! Oden's One-hour Struggle!

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One Piece Episode 973
Boiled to Death! Oden's One-hour Struggle!

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Ah yes this. Definitely showcased some [email protected] on the part of Oden. It seems like, despite having tricked a d lied to him previously, Kaido respects Oden or at least his strength. From the end of the last episode when Oden was tricked which led to that cascade of distractions to this one where he’s shown being amused and agreeing to the conditions set forth by Oden, his behaviour contrasts with that of Orochi. Furthermore, Orochi just wanted to rule for revenge? That’s heavy. Like wanting to be in charge because that was your family’s old goal and taking the seat of power is revenge is one thing but destroying the country and its people as revenge? That’s next level pettiness. You almost have to be impressed. Shinobu though. She is the other episode MVP. “Who is the silly lord?” Indeed.

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This episode had some epic scenes, especially Oden holding his retainers while being boiled to death, man, what a badass. Oden is a true chad, maybe the character with the most badassness in the series in my opinion.
Past Shinobu tho looks hotdamn :pervert:

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