Battle Scenario - Zoro vs Killer Bee

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This one had a LOT of traction back when I checked it out, and is incredibly fun to visualise in my head, so I hope you enjoy :D

Three Swords vs Seven?
Oxtopus vs Demon?
Jinchuriki vs Pirate Hunter?

Find out below!

This one struck me as very interesting, and gives me the creative liberty to compare things like Haki swords and lightning swords. Will the lightning blade cut straight through the Haki sword? Will the mountain-slicing edge shatter the lightning sword? I don't even know yet.

Location: Storm Cloud Ravine (because how can Bee fight anywhere else?)


• No Samehada for Bee. He is essentially exactly as he was when he first fought Sasuke.

*Prepare for cringe-cliches*
"How the hell did I end up here? What the hell is this place?"

"Hmm? Who's disturbing me as I'm writing my raps? Get out of here fool, ya fool."

"Sure, just point me to the way out and I'll be on my wa-

"Seems like these seven swords you greatly appreciate/ don't come too close or I'll have to decapitate."

"....what? Anyway, fight me, old man. I've only ever defeated an Octopus Fishman who could wield as many swords as you, I wonder how well a human will do."

"Octopus...Fishman? Bad news, my friend, I'm not the guy / who you wanna talk with about slicing octopi / So bring your A-game fool, ya fool / and let's have ourselves a mighty duel!"


Zoro's curiosity at Bee's abilities overcome his arrogance, and he shows a fellow swordsman his respect by immediately drawing all three swords. Bee, however, is not concerned with such etiquette and opts for a projectile attack. His chakra-infused pencil flies towards a very shocked Zoro at lightning speeds, but Zoro's Haki allows him to predict the attack just in time to block it by raising Sandai Kitetsu in his left hand. Thinking it was just a really fast-moving pencil, he is completely surprised when it sends a shock through the cursed sword that he knew instinctively would have pierced straight through any other katana, and then notices the strange blue aura around the pencil that seemed to account for this power. Was he a Devil Fruit User or a swordsman?

Wasting no time, Bee throws all his swords up in the air and catches them between his joints, assuming his iconic "Killer Bee" pose. Zoro smiles behind Wado Ichimonji in his mouth and decides. Swordsman. From that pose alone he knows this will be a fight like nothing he'd ever experienced before, and he bristles in excitement.

Zoro charges Bee with an experimental skirmish, using his three swords to fend off Bee's seven-fold attack. Not even his Haki could allow him to anticipate what each sword was doing, and Bee had a lot more mobility with his combat than he did. In this kind of close-range, the seven-sword user had the advantage, and that was clear to both.

Zoro initially planned to skirmish, analyse and retreat, but Bee's onslaught was nigh impossible to break free from. Each blade had a mind of its own, and it was all he could do to stop one getting through his defense and cutting him. It had been a long while since a battle put him under so much pressure, and out of frustration, between Bee's dancing strikes, he coats Shusui in Haki and manoeuvres the other two blades in his left hand and mouth to intercept a wave of Bee's attack, giving him a tiny window to counterattack and slice upwards, forcing Bee to defend and be blown backwards, thus breaking them apart.

Bee doesn't miss the sudden blackness of Zoro's sword and the sudden strength it appeared to give him, and reasons it was some Weighted Earth-style Jutsu that gave him power. If they were going to be colouring their swords, he didn't want to miss out, and again giving Zoro minimal recovery time charges, this time with lightning-infused blades.

Feeling quite confident that he had adequately analysed Bee's speed-and-technique focus for his swordsmanship, Zoro doesn't hold back, meeting Bee's charge head-on with all three swords imbued in Haki. He hesitates slightly when he sees the evident lightning on Bee's sword, and his mind cartwheels between thoughts of ....

"Enel? A Devil Fruit? Logia or Paramecia? No, it's impossible. That definitely wasn't lightning on the pencil before... what the hell is this guy?"

Thrusting these doubts aside, he charges Bee under the assumption that he is a Logia and continues his rush, as two lightning swords meet his two Haki ones. Bee's brute power allows him to meet the attack while holding his ground, but the immense strength of Zoro's strike is not missed by him. He had never seen an Earth-style Jutsu this powerful before, and knew he could not keep up in terms of strength with this adversary.

While the blades are connected, Zoro can feel the lightning channel through the swords and into his body, and, fearing a stronger lightning attack (remembering Enel), breaks contact, but not without noticing Bee's difficulty in meeting the attack. He judges his strength to be superior, and charges Bee again, commencing a skirmish not unlike the initial bout, however with a much more defensive Bee and much more confident Zoro.

Bee continues to outpace Zoro in the bout, however, and, to Zoro's shame, lands a small cut on Zoro's right arm. The wound is nothing physically, but great psychologically. Zoro jumps back again to a much safer distance this time, and unleashes the 360 Pound Cannon. Bee, unsure how to block such an attack, jumps out of the way, believing it to be some Wind-style jutsu.

At this point, the main battle platform of the Storm Cloud Ravine has received minor damage on the surface from certain attacks by both, and a clear indented path of Zoro's 360 Pound Cannon. Bee believes Zoro to be simultaneously one of the greatest swordsmen, Earth-style and Wind-style users he's ever come across, while Zoro believes Bee to be an impossible combination of various Devil Fruits, as well as primarily a swordfighter, something he's never come across (all Paramecia and Logia Devil Fruit users he knew always centred their combat around their Devil Fruit power, and rarely had any kind of secondary weapon or skills that didn't directly feed off their Devil Fruit ability). So they stood at opposite ends of the Ravine, each trying fervently to decipher the other, yet each confident of victory.

Zoro experiments with another Cannon, noting Bee's difficulty with the first, and again Bee dodges. For a man of his speed, however, this is no real challenge, and Bee circles the Ravine to Zoro's right flank. Zoro hardens Shusui in Haki and retaliates with the steel-cutting Shishi Sonson, breaking straight through Bee's guard as he finishes behind him. Bee had succesfully blocked the strike with two lightning-infused swords, however he was completely unprepared for the impact, and the swords shattered in his hands.

No one had ever broken his blades like this before. Bee is taken aback by the incredible power of his adversary, and as he turned behind him to face Zoro again, he saw the shadow of what could only be called a demon lurking beneath his single open eye. Feeling that there was nothing to gain from continuing to battle with two less swords than was his custom, and that he wasn't making any headway anyway, he consulted the Eight Tails.

"Yo, Eight Tales. This guy isn't one to mess around with. Gonna borrow your power, OK?"

"Sure. But be careful, Bee, he's dangerous. I sense there's far more to him than it appears."

Zoro watched with intrigue as the Eight Tails' Chakra Cloak covered Bee, marking his transition into Version 1.

"Inside your soul lives a hungry demon / but what can you do against the Lord of the Ocean? / Yeah."

The combination of the horrible rap and the most confusing sight before him could only force the words "What the hell?" out of Zoro's mouth. Nonetheless, his Haki detected at a basic level that his opponent's power had just multiplied, and he prepared for an attack - just in time, too.


In the blink of an eye Bee is upon him, and he brings all three of his swords to bear to block the incredible attack. His Haki-imbued swords form an X shape over his stomach as he blocks the incredible attack. He is thrown backwards into the wall of the cliff behind the Ravine from the sheer force, leaving a small crater where he hits it. Unfazed, he kicks off from the cliff wall and lands gracefully onto the main platform, but Bee isn't finished yet. Seeing how he survived the Lariat, he switches to Version 2 and flies at Zoro with incredible speed. The resemblance to Eight-Tails in Bee's Blood-Chakra form that is Version 2 is baffling to Zoro. Zoro knows he's outmatched in terms of speed, but meets the flurry of fists and tails with confidence while his mind again reels with his failure to classify Bee's apparent Devil Fruit ability. Seeing his transformation he is certain this is a Zoan user, but what about the lightning from before?

Bee strikes with a powerful punch, but to his amazement the swordsman before him neither blocks nor dodges, but retaliates with his own black punch. Their fists connect, cracking the floor of the platform beneath them while they both struggle to dominate the encounter. Zoro's pure physical strength is unlike anything Bee had seen before. Even his brother would have needed to use the Lightning Cloak to meet such an attack, but this was a swordsman, not a brawler who was currently competing with a Jinchuriki's cloak at a physical level. After several tense seconds, they both break contact, and Zoro loses the exchange - but not by much. He staggers backwards to the edge of the platform while Bee again composes himself.

Zoro has no chance to prepare this time.


The Version 2 strike was again aimed at Zoro's core, and it was nothing more than force of habit that brought Zoro's swords to block the attack. Blocking isn't enough, however, and the Lariat wreaks havoc on Zoro's body. The strike that annihilated Kisame's torso through Samehada reverberates through Zoro's body, however his incredibly well-trained body fails to yield as Kisame's did. The lower half of his ribcage shatters and he spews out blood while he flies into the river below. Satisfied with a job well done, Bee removes his Version 2 Cloak and collects the pieces of his broken swords. But Zoro is far from finished.

The Eight Tails first notices the danger.

"Bee, look out!"

Bee jumps out of the way with lightning speed, but this attack is too powerful to simply be dodged. The 1080 Pound Cannon completely destroys the entire Storm Cloud Ravine, and brings it to the ground. Bee, who was atop the Ravine, finds himself unceremoniously falling to the ground a hundred metres below. Bee only has one way to survive.

"Eight Tails, are you ready?"


"Ok, you crazy swordsman / get ready to see the greatest Host Transformation!"

In a puff of smoke, the huge, menacing form of the Eight Tails replaces the clumsily falling Bee. Zoro, on the edge of the water below, doesn't bother questioning this final form, and instead strikes upwards at his falling opponent:

"Black Rope Twister!"

The steel-cutting twister wounds the Eight Tails exterior with minor cuts all over its body and tails, but Bee is already charging his next attack. In a flash, he forms the alternate Tailed Beast Bomb (the one used against Suigetsu, sometimes referred to as "Light Hack") and fires it at Zoro, the twister vanishes, and Zoro jumps out of the way with all his might to narrowly avoid incineration. Zoro's wounds mean nothing in the face of this adversity, and he ignores the incredible pain to continue fighting at his peak.

In the kerfuffle caused by Bee's Light Hack, enough time passes for him to land safely using his tails, and charge Zoro, but Zoro is holding nothing back now. He responds to Bee's flurry of fists and tails by badly cutting three of his tails with a defensive Tatsumaki. The brute strength of the Eight Tails is not so easily ignored, however, and Zoro finds himself greatly endangered by Bee's assault. Bee roars the roar of the Eight Tails, and Zoro cowers from the roar which sent huge ripples through the ocean around him. With a sudden burst of speed, Bee again leaps towards Zoro, having him desperately dodge and slice the infinite tails that assaulted him. Bee uses the water to his advantage, having some of his tails emerge from Zoro's flank on the shore as well as from Bee himself.

Zoro finally yields to the pressure when Bee strikes at him with tails from underground, and, incapable of fending attacks from three directions at once, he is thrown upwards from the underground tail, and Bee intercepts him with another tail which slams him back to the ground, disturbing his shattered ribs and sending intolerable pain through his body. In a final effort to seal the deal, Bee again fires the Light Hack at point blank range, burning Zoro's skin such that it blackened and creating a deep crater in the ground with his limp body in the centre.

Content for the second time that the fight is over, Bee returns to his original form and walks away, but.....

"What?! How is he still alive?"

"He's the sturdiest guy I know / but he still has no chance, hey Eight-O?"

"Shut up and focus. The cuts he gave you in Host Transformation are taking a toll, and my chakra isn't enough to keep going for much longer."

Below, in the crater created by Bee's last attack, Zoro rises painfully, slowly, to his feet. The air around him shimmers.


As the Tailed Beast and the Jinchuriki commune, two distinct replicas of Zoro's figure appear either side of him, forming what Bee recognises as a kind of Asura.

"No, Bee. I noticed this from the beginning, and I dismissed it as impossible, but... there's no chakra coming from this guy at all. I wasn't sure until now, where I can see no chakra coming from those extra bodies on him. This isn't a ninja, Bee, this is just a magnificent swordsman."

"Anyway, looks like he's almost finished now / give me a few more moments and I'll give him the final kapow."

Zoro's mind is only on one thing.

"Kiki, Kyutoryu...."

"Host Transformation!!"

Zoro ran up the crater towards his quarry.

"Tailed Beast..."


"Eight Twists!"


Bee twists fervently with the same force that leveled the forest which became the final stage of the War, and Zoro rushes forward with his nine Haki-imbued swords. Zoro is pushed backwards with incredible force, but persists through and strikes, completely severing three tails at the base. Bee, while greatly taken aback, simply wraps the remaining tails around himself more tightly and continues his attack, throwing Zoro backwards hundreds of metres into a huge stone column over the water. The column shatters, and Zoro falls in, huge chunks of rock following him and burying him beneath the water's surface.

He never rises.


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