VCC'S 1st One Piece Character Popularity Poll!

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VCC's 1st One Piece Character Popularity Poll

A chance for you, the VCC community, to vote for your favourite One Piece character! Who will come out on top, I wonder?


  • Users can vote for their Top 10 favourite One Piece characters. If you want to vote for less, then that's fine. Ten is the upper limit, though. This probably goes without saying, but you can only vote for a character once.
  • Characters from the manga, anime-only characters and film-only characters are allowed. Videogame exclusive characters are not.
  • Your first placed vote will get 10 points, second place will get 9 points, etc. The tenth placed character on your list will get one point.
  • You can only submit one voting form for this poll. You can edit your response up until the event deadline.
  • Votes will be submitted in this thread.
  • Please keep any debate or dispute about people's voting choices out of this thread. You can start a discussion thread in One Piece General, or discuss votes in PM, but this thread is solely for the purposes of voting, and any additional questions related to voting.

If any of those rules are unclear, don't hesitate to ask me (@Marco Polo hi) any questions you might have!

The deadline for votes is November 29, 2020.

Happy voting!

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1. Doflamingo
2. Whitebeard
3. Crocodile
4. Zoro
5. Luffy
6. Nami
7. Sanji
8. Blackbeard
9. Fujitora
10. Akainu

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1. Robin
2. Law
3. Luffy
4. Cora-san
5. Brook
6. Shanks
7. Whitebeard
8. Garp
9. Bon Clay
10. Dragon

(Looks like I have a lot of lore characters on my list these days)
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1 Brooke
2 Franky
3 Jimbe
4 Sanji
5 Zoro
6 Urouge
7 Luffy
8 Gin
9 Robin
10 Daz Bones

All Hail Brooke.


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1. Sabo
2. Luffy
3. Shanks
4. Zoro
5. Law
6. Corazon
7. Robin
8. Bartolomeo
9. Franky
10. Katakuri

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1. Luffy
2. Whitebeard
3. Sanji
4. Zoro
5. Ace
6. Bartolomeo
7. Bon Kurei
8. Boa Hancock
9. Garp
10. Going Merry! (Klabautermann)

Lists are quite various, huh! O.o I wonder, who will win...
I could carry on with the list tho T.T
And it seems nearly half of my chars are dead already QAQ

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1. Zoro
2. Jinbei
3. Robin
4. Shanks
5. Rayleigh
6. Kuma
7. Mihawk
8. Kizaru
9. Bon-chan
10. Wild card: Otohime!

More for me to decide if I change my wild card vote: Ace, Aokiji, Boa, Brook, Corazon, Dragon, Garp, Iva, Nami, Roger, Whitebeard, etc. Holy crap...I feel like I might want to change half my list typing this part out...

Welcome @TheAnimeFiend6 and I'm glad the event made you want to join in on the discussions!

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1. Luffytaro
2. Zorojuro
3. Shanks
4. Rayleigh
5. Jinbei
6. Ace  T__T
7. Garp
8. Robin
9. Bon-chan  T__T
10. Doflamingo

Obviously I have a lot more faves to list but since we can only put 10...TT_TT Honorable mention to Iva-chan, Crocodile and the rest.

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1. Robin
2. Condoriano (Sorry great fleet admiral, had to put my namesake first)
3. Nami
4. Zoro
5. Boa Hangkok
6. Law
7. Chopper
8. Usopp
9. Kid
10. Jewelry Bonny

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z.Halloween Sanji
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1. Sanji
2. Luffy
3. Bon Clay
4. Oden
5. Corazon
6. Garp
7. Roger
8. Zoro
9. Robin
10. Kaido

honorable mentions:
Reiju, Pudding, Crocodile, Jinbe, Vivi, Brook,....