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Update: Chapter 111  :pepetrigger: :pepetrigger: :pepetrigger:

So I just got this from Bored College Students (scans) @GoldenVenus @Chaud @Monster Trio :nekohype:

I haven't read it ALL yet (just some few chapters, I'm seeing new characters and names!) as I'm at work now :pingree:



- The fragments of brilliant light (so it is some kind of power or some spirit/soul)?
- Yogumunt a new character (better name it here for reference) There's three of them now (Snow Granpa & Beast Hulk)  :pepeblonde:
- OK what are/is The Rulers & The Architect  :shrug:  
- Jinwoo's Dad  :ohno2: So Snow Granpa is Monarch of Frost  :laff: while Jinwoo is Monarch of Shadow (obviously) wait wait wait, there's something fishy about their titles, are they perhaps related?  :miniathink:
- Goosebumps when Jinwoo said "Kill Them"  :pepetrigger: 
- Ohhhhhh! Cartenon Temple was that Double Dungeon where Jinwoo awakens (His going back there and kill that sinister looking statue) and then pops out on the last page  :rogerlul:

Damn, Season 2 is lit  :thumbup: :thumbup:  :thumbup:

Update: Chapter 112

I'm loving the updates :dahlinyay:


- Keyboard warrior Jinho and It's better for him be exclude in the naming of the guild! I don't know but there's a nice ring to it "Solo Play" and the fact that the founder likes going SOLO :pikajoy:
- WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pepetrigger: :pepetrigger: :pepetrigger: Haein's going to join Jinwoo's guild? The ship is sailing smoothly :luvu:
- I don't know but for a guy's perspective, a girl telling you that you smell nice is kinda like a compliment, but when you turn it around the guy tells a girl she smells nice you're a :pepeblonde: (or is it just ME :blob: )
- "He was the only LIGHT in this DARK world" - Cha Hae-In :subrobin:

Real Talk: I'm glad I have a face-mask on (I was smiling the whole time when Haein reasoning in her thoughts) my co-workers would think I'm crazy :blush2:

- Uh-oh (Beru) :nuts:

"Every story has an end, but in life every ending is a new beginning"
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@Johannes yeah I've read it, they've been providing options like crazy ever since Vale Scans had to drop it lol. Though, mangadex is also a known site and I don't know how long it'll be able to stay there. Both the official, Webnovel and Tappytoon have quite a crappy translations (what are they even doing smh) and not to mention Webnovel (Qidian) is a shitty company so...a lot of people prefer fan translations.

Anyway, the art looks amazing as always , and Jinwoo with the drip as usual XD

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