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Prince Pervert
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Helloo mikanami! Good to have you here too!
We do have our creative area so definitely post those supernice drawings of yours :yes:

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Void Centurion
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Mikanami wrote:
Sun May 10, 2020 8:39 pm
Ah by the way,Nice to meet you all
Pleasure to meet you too!

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Monster Trio
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Ayeee welcome back! Feels good to have you here again, hope for a good time! :aye:

"Even if you're a main character, you can still die... I better be careful-ttebayo."
~Gintoki Sakata

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Welcome back and always great to have more people join in on the discussions!

Back to the blind Oda faith (until the next B.S. of course).
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Void Centurion
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Hello, Mika! I welcomed you before but I will say it again here. Welcome to VCC!! How are you doing? :dancingblob: Do you have an art page/account that we can follow? I'm a huge fan of your art and would be interested in seeing more of your works if you don't mind ^^

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Devil Child
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OMG it's Mika!!! :kewl: Welcome to the Club :luvu:
I really missed your art.

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storm chaser
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Hellou and welcome! Have a nice time here. :kewl:
Your name is familiar somehow.. :lurktolfo:

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