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This is the place to ask any questions you have about the forum, or suggest new features or improvements.
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For all of those questions we anticipate will be asked more than once...

Void Century Club - FAQ
I used to be on OPF. Can my account be recovered?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. All OPF's data went away with the server. :(

How do I upload an avatar?

Check out this nifty guide: How to upload an avatar

And in case you want a rectangular avatar (180x360) Follow this sweet guide by @Max Rockatansky

How do I change my signature?

Check out this nifty guide: How to change signature

How do I upload a profile cover?

- Click on your nickname in the top bar and navigate to UCP
- Click on profile -> edit profile
- Navigate to the bottom of the page to "Cover Photo"

Make sure that you use a url ending in .jpg/.png/.gif

What's VCCash?

VCCash is the forum's money system.
Users can earn, donate or rob it. If you don't want to be robbed make sure to deposit in the handy Bank
Currently the ways of earning VCCash are the following:

> Participate to our forum events
> Participate to our PAW contest hosted by the lovely @sweetjacky 
> Participate to the SOTM hosted sometimes in the Creative Zone
> Invite a friend [ How to ]
> Enter the lottery

A breakdown of how VCCash is distributed across forums can be found here

What do i do with VCCash?

The forum is constantly growing and adding new features, especially around the VCCash system.
For now you can use your cash in two ways:

> Buy something off the shop
> Create a fan club

I have noticed Anime and Mangas on people profiles. What is it?

The forum is integrated to through their Rest API.
You can find out more about this on the relative development post: [ here ]

I want *feature*. Can we have it?

Suggest it, and we'll see what we can do. If it's popular and the software exists, we'll definitely consider it.

Where is *insert emoji name here*? Can we have it?

Request emojis here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=45

Don't request too many though, or @riofriz  might get angry...

I want a different username colour, please.

Please consult our guide to User Ranks to see which username colours are available through posting.

We also have some custom usergroups and nickname effects available in the shop

How do I buy items in the shop?

> First, go to the shop. It's the little trolley icon at the top of the page (or in the side panel you access by clicking on the tab at the bottom left of your screen on the mobile site)
> Convert your available VCCash into shop credits using the converter at the top of the shop page.
> As long as you have enough shop credits, you can buy any shop item you want! Enjoy!

How do I use items I bought in the shop?

It's very easy, actually. Here's a guide:

> Go to the User Control Panel (UCP)
> From the menu at the top of the page, select "Shop"
> A list of all the usergroups, nickname effects and ranks (banners) you've bought are available there. Pick the ones you want to display on your profile!


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